Mix Like the Pros

If you want to make your songs sound professional, you need to learn the art of mixing. Mixing is the process of balancing, shaping, and blending all of the separate instruments or tracks together into one great sounding mix! This is a very exciting part of creating your music because now that you have a great sounding recording, you are ready to make it sound even better. Listen to some examples of before and afters from raw tracks I have transformed into professional mixes here under my Recording/Mixing Tracks playlist. All you need is to know how to use the tools and techniques that I will cover in this program and you can make simple home recordings sound like they were made in a million dollar state-of-the-art studio!

I am giving you all the tools you need to make your music sound awesome. And once again, in mixing there is no need to spend any money on plugins or the “best analog gear.” Don’t get me wrong, there’s certainly nothing wrong with having nice equipment. But you truly need nothing more than a basic EQ, basic compressor, and basic reverb and delay (that all comes free with most every DAW or digital audio workstation) to make great sounding recordings. If you apply the knowledge and techniques that you learn from the program along with your ear, nothing will hold you back from making professional mixes. Mix Like the Pros will take you all the way through from the basics of EQ and compression on vocals, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass, drums, pianos, organ, synthesizers, to more advanced techniques that are used in almost every song you hear on the radio. You will also learn how to use effects properly and learn how to make your songs sound as awesome as they should!


“This program has enlightened me in so many ways! I now have a clear, better understanding of what mixing is, EQ and compression, and mixing vocals, all in which I’ve been looking for. Also, this program provides different techniques you can do to improve mixing skills. I can honestly say that this was a good investment. I highly recommend this program to anybody who’s serious about their music and looking for something that will help improve their skills!”

-Jamal Jackson

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • A working computer with a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). Examples: Pro Tools (this is what I use), Logic, Audacity, Reason, etc. (Audacity is totally free and has most of the capabilities of the extremely expensive DAWs. I used it before I could afford Pro Tools. CLICK HERE to go to the free download page on their website)
  • A minimum of one EQ plugin, one Compressor plugin, and one Reverb plugin (most DAWs come with these tools, but CLICK HERE to see a great list of Free Plugins)
  • A genuine interest in making better music (I can only help if you want me to help you)


Here’s EXACTLY what you’ll get inside the MIX LIKE THE PROS (FULL PROGRAM):

  • OVER 4.5 HOURS of HD Videos – 5 Different Mixing Sessions from Start to Finish
  • In-Depth, Real-Time Explanations of Mixing Techniques that will help you Mix Like the Pros
  • How to Use EQ, Compression, and Reverb to Achieve a More Professional Sound
  • High Quality Audio Files for ALL 5 of the Mixing Sessions – Get EXPERIENCE from MIXING REAL SESSIONS from Your Home
  • Use Your Final Mixes of My Sessions to BUILD YOUR PORTFOLIO as a Mixing Engineer to Get Work! (POTENTIAL INCOME)
  • Save Yourself THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS by Learning How to Mix Professional Recordings from HOME! (Save Anywhere from $150-$2000 Per Track by Learning How to Mix Like the Pros Yourself)
  • My FREE eBook, An Introduction to Professional Home Recording

For a Limited Time Only, I am offering the Full MIX LIKE THE PROS Program 


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Here’s a Quick Preview of the MIX LIKE THE PROS Program:




Is your music worth $17?

I’m so confident that you will love what I have created for you that I have a 30-day 100% Money Back Guarantee if you tried it out and aren’t satisfied with it. If you aren’t ready to take your recordings to the next level just yet, download your FREE copy of my brand new eBook, An Introduction to Professional Home Recording, for some useful information about making great recordings from your home!

I have no doubt that you could do exactly what I did and spend years trying to figure it all out yourself, but why go through all the trial and error when I’ve already done the hard work for you!

Can’t wait to see you on the other side!

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